Futures of education

What skills and competencies do students need in the future? How can schools educate students to actively shape the future?
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Ludwig-Meyn-Gymnasium, Futures Probes was invited to facilitate a one-day workshop looking into the future(s) of the school.
  • 1 day workshop

    The workshop took place during LMG’s internal development days in Uetersen.
  • 100 participants

    A total of 100 teachers, students and parents took part in the co-creation.
  • 12 future sketches

    12 groups each created a future vision with concrete ideas and first action steps towards implementation.
The world is ever-changing, with developments and challenges growing more and more complex. New mindsets and tools are needed to deal with these changes. Schools, as the democratic nucleus of society, have an obligation to teach students how to face complex futures – all the while dealing with staff shortages and the like. How can schools implement futures literacy without overburdening teachers? How can students practice an optimistic and creative approach towards actively shaping the future?
Workshop Structure
Impulse keynote
A brief introduction to futures literacy, followed by a closer look into the role that schools (and education more generally) might take on when facing future challenges.
Utopia creation
In small groups, teachers, students and parents envisioned what a utopian school might look like in 2035 – and how the stakeholders within it might have changed.
Idea sketch & testing
Each group then brainstormed and developed concrete ideas on how to achieve their utopia – and put them to the test with a group of idea challengers.
Utopian gallery
Towards the end of the workshop, the collection of utopias and actionable ideas were presented in a utopian gallery and made visible to all of the participants.
Main Outcomes
Exchange & synchronisation
Understanding each other's visions, values and challenges.
Vision & idea forming
Creating several future visions for the school and concrete ideas for implementation.
Futures literacy insights
Gaining insights into the what's and how's of futures literacy.
Tools & Methods
Futuring Workshops
Hands-on work sessions to collectively deconstruct, reflect on and re-imagen different futures.
Future(s) Persona
A tool to better understand stakeholders that might emerge as part of a particular future.
Idea Sketch
Quick written and drawn sketches of an idea to make it more concrete and imaginable.
A tangible version of an idea that can be used to test a concept or product.
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