Futures of Reproduction Lab

What does your desirable future of reproduction look like?
A futures literacy workshop to reveal deeply anchored assumptions, reframe futures and discuss emerging questions – on the topic of reproduction.
  • 1 topic

    Being very broad, the topic Futures of Reproduction allows for conversations on a personal as well as a societal level
  • 14 people

    In total, a diverse group of people in terms of gender and profession joined our workshop
  • 1 mental journey

    The methodology includes a mental journey into one own's future, making it an experience that speaks to all senses
  • 3 futures

    Using the framework Futures Literacy Lab three different futures are explored: the probable, the desirable and the alternative
How do we want to reproduce in the future? What family models are thinkable? Is having children in the context of a climate emergency crisis reasonable? What emerging technologies will be used to support biological processes? How will we protect our reproductive rights?

In the Futures of Reproduction Lab the participants uncover assumptions, reformulate futures and discuss emerging questions.
Workshop phases
Expected and desirable futures and their underlying assumptions are revealed.
Based on these revelations, a reframed alternative future is created.
The learned insights from the previous phases build a starting point for the emergence of new questions.
An action plan is developed aiming towards a personal, desired future.
Main outcomes
Experiencing futures
Participants get to know three types of futures and how these influence their thinking in the present.

Critical reflection
The topic Futures of Reproduction is collectively explored. This generates insights amongst participants, uncovers blind spots and builds a safer space for discussion.
Personal, desired future
Thanks to the emotional approach to the topic and the time allocated to reflect individually, participants are able to create a personal, desired future.
Tools & methods
Futures Literacy
Futures Literacy describes the ability to utilise futures in the present, harnessing complexity for decision-making.
Futuring Workshop
Hands-on work sessions to collectively deconstruct, reflect on and re-imagen different futures.
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