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Our toolbox
We have a toolbox filled to the brim with different approaches, methods and formats. For each project, we carefully select and combine them to effectively target our client's project goals.
Scenario methods
A range of methods aimed at creating distinct scenarios for informational, creative or strategic purposes.
Design thinking
An approach to understanding complex problems and finding creative solutions using an iterative design process.
Futures literacy
Futures Literacy describes the ability to utilise futures in the present, harnessing complexity for decision-making.
Speculative design
An experimental, creative and critical approach to the question What if...? that helps discover alternative futures.
Visual storytelling
Conveying a message or telling a story through visual media such as illustrations, graphics, videos and other media.
A tangible version of an idea that can be used to test a concept or product.
Delphi method
An interactive survey that collects insights about future developments from panels of experts.
Futuring workshops
Hands-on work sessions to collectively deconstruct, reflect on and re-imagen different futures.
PESTLE analysis
A structured 360º research of influencing factors that might impact a particular future.
Futures wheel
A method for visually mapping future consequences of a particular change or development.
A method used to strategise backward from a particular desirable future, instead of projecting forward.
Future(s) persona
A tool to better understand stakeholders that might emerge as part of a particular future.
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