Viajando al [futuro]

What do socially and ecologically desirable futures of tourism look like for Spain?
In a co-creative scenario process, a heterogeneous group of local tourism actors and experts discussed and collectively reimagined desirable futures of tourism for Spain.

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  • 50+ participants

    The project involved more than 25 tourism experts and over 35 local tourism stakeholders.
  • 1 project partner

    The project was a collaboration between Tipi and Futures Probes and sponsored by the European Climate Foundation.
  • 3 regions

    The project took place in 3 different regions in Spain: the Canary Islands, Donostia-San Sebastián and the Laciana Valley.
  • 10 months

    The project ran for a total of 10 months, from January 2022 to October 2022.
Spain is one of the world's top tourism destinations. But in its current form, tourism is neither socially nor ecologically sustainable. In 2022, the European Climate Foundation set out to change that – and funded a 10-months long project bringing together tourism stakeholders from different regions. Their task? To exchange knowledge, hopes and worries, and to collectively reimagine desirable futures of tourism that are sustainable yet also still economically viable.
Project Phases
Regional stakeholder maps and an elaborate PESTLE analysis were used to identify local tourism actors and relevant future influencing factors on tourism in Spain.
Delphi survey
25+ experts from the academic and professional tourism sector in Spain were asked about the perceived impact and likelihood of a wide range of potential future paths.
Co-creation workshops
35+ stakeholders came together in regional workshops to discuss, imagine and reflect upon their desirable futures for sustainable tourism(s) within Spain.
Narrative scenarios
With the help of a professional author and an illustrator, the workshop and Delphi outcomes were used to create six narrative and engaging future scenarios.
Main Outcomes
Community building
Mapping, building and strengthening local tourism stakeholder networks.
Influencing factors
Gathering of key insights on desirable, possible and likely future developments of tourism.
Identification of needs, desires, worries and attitudes of tourism stakeholders.
Development of six future scenarios that describe measures to accelerate transformation.
Tools & Methods
Stakeholder Map
An effective tool to generate knowledge about relevant actors in a given system.
PESTLE Analysis
A structured 360º research of influencing factors that might impact a particular issue in the future.
Futures Wheel
A method for visually mapping future consequences of a particular change or development.
Delphi Method
An interactive survey that collects insights about future developments from panels of experts.
Co-Creation Workshop
A hands-on format for diverse groups of people to collectively imagine, conceptualise and build something.
Narrative Storytelling
A creative method to communicate imagined futures in an accessible and engaging way.
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