Futures Snacks

What if we could make futuring methods more accessible for super busy people?
Futures Snacks is a training concept developed for beginner futurists wanting to explore different futuring methods hands-on without having to skip work.
  • 4 snacks

    The snacks include the futures cone, PESTLE analysis, a scenario method and backcasting.
  • 1 hour

    With each session lasting 1 hour, the snacks are perfectly designed to fit into people’s lunch break.
  • 20 participants

    Each session is limited to 20 participants who work hands-on in small groups.
  • 1 miro board

    The snacks are an online-only format and take place on zoom and miro.
Not everyone has the time and energy to fully immerse themselves in futuring theory and methods. But to gain some practical understanding of how and where a specific futuring method can be applied, a full immersion is not necessary. The Futures Snacks format aims to deliver futuring methods on a silver platter – one lunch-break at a time.
Individual Snacks
Futures Cone
Snack no. 1 serves as an appetiser and introductory glimpse into the idea of plural futures.
Snack no. 2 is about exploring complex realities to better grasp the variables influencing our own future.
2x2 Scenarios
Snack no. 3 uncovers the power of imagining several different futures and playing with their implications.
Snack no. 4 is all about making futures actionable today by working one’s way back from a desirable future.
Main Outcomes
Futuring theory
Gaining a basic theoretical understanding of futures thinking and the opportunities that lie within plural futures.
Method know-how
Practical know-how of 4 key methods used within futures thinking.
Fields of opportunity
Gaining a better understanding of how futuring methods might be applied in real-life projects.
Tools & Methods
Futures Cone
A model showcasing the openness of futures that can also be used to cluster and contextualise them.
PESTLE Analysis
A structured 360º research of influencing factors that might impact a particular issue in the future.
2x2 Scenario Method
A simple scenario method combining 2 different influencing factors to create a total of 4 distinct scenarios.
A method used to strategise backward from a particular desirable future, instead of projecting forward.
Other projects
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