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Meet the team
Futures Probes is a Berlin and Tenerife based futuring collective. It was founded in 2020 by four feminist futurists who met and developed their futuring know-how during the 2017 master's programme Futures Studies at Freie University Berlin.
  • Elena Artiles Leyes
    Elena is a political scientist and avid reader, who’s always up to date on current developments and trends. When not working for Futures Probes, she’s a local politician and public speaker.
  • Lilith Boettcher
    Lilith is a concept creator and design thinking expert with an aptness for creative team processes and collaboration. Outside of Futures Probes, she’s a freelance strategic designer and workshop facilitator.
  • Katrina Günther
    Kitty is a visualisation expert and strategic designer with a knack for the tangibility and communication of futures. In her other job she’s an illustrator, graphic recorder and visual thinking trainer.
  • Gina Strecker
    Gina is a strategy consultant who always asks the right questions at the right time. As a trained futures literacy facilitator, she loves to deconstruct the status quo and dabble in alternative futures.
What defines us?
The four cofounders of Futures Probes
  • As four academically trained futurists, we have a deep understanding of both futures thinking theory and methods. As four women, we challenge the status-quo from a feminist perspective and speculate about where to go from here.
  • We are driven by making the power of desirable futures visible to the world. We are equally driven by creating our own desirable future of team collaboration based on feminist values.
  • As a small team, we understand the importance of empathy, self-reflexion, appreciation and open communication. With our clients, we take these values as our baseline to foster co-creation and radical collaboration on eye-level.
  • In building learning spaces for our clients, we always integrate the element of playfulness to make knowledge stick. Through playful experimentation, our clients gain the necessary abilities, confidence and tools they need for future shaping in a sustainable way.
The four cofounders of Futures Probes
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