Images of the future and futures studies

How can images of the future be collected and interpreted in a scientifically sound manner?
This is one of the four guiding questions of the publication. In five chapters, images of the future are examined based on their scientific enquiry, practical use and visualisation.

Link to the book (German only)
  • 5 chapters

    Including 4 different academic perspectives on images of the future and 1 glimpse into their practical implications in the context of Futures Probes.
  • 5 co-authors

    The book was a collaborative effort by Dr. Reinhold Popp (co-author and editor) and each of the Futures Probes co-founders.
  • 156 pages

    A total of 156 pages offer insights into topics ranging from nostalgia and ‘retrotopias’, to futures literacy and visual science communication.
  • 1 book release

    The book was officially launched in April 2022, during a release event hosted by Institut Futur in Berlin and presented by all of the co-authors.
Nobody knows what the future will be like, but we all have ideas of what it might be like. Those are what we call images of the future: different imaginations of a future built from our individual perspectives, worldviews, hopes and desires. In this publication, we dive into how these images are formed, how they can be visualised and how they can be put to use.
Book Chapters
Researching images of the future
The scientific collection and interpretation of opinions about tomorrow by Dr. Reinhold Popp
Images of the future and nostalgia
Interrelations and potentials from the perspective of critical futures studies by Lilith Boettcher
Acquisition of future competencies
Futures literacy, futures thinking and education for sustainable development by Gina Strecker
Future images
Science-based visualisations as a tool for participatory science communication by Katrina Günther
Futures Probes
Images of the future and future shaping informed by science by Futures Probes
Other projects
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